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Welcome to My Bitch Academy! A little bit about Myself and My experience level... I have worked in the BDSM and Fetish world since 2003 in dungeons and in film studios at many different locations throughout Canada. Currently I am located in Ontario, and have access to dungeons in Toronto.

At 'My Bitch Academy', I carry out slave trainings using a wide range of BDSM and Fetish activities. With the administration of various forms of punishment and/or torture, whether it being psychological, verbal or physical; there also comes My nurturing side as I guide you through our dungeon session together.

As your Mistress, you will worship and adore Me, always seeking ways of obtaining My approval and mercy. I administer sessions which can vary from extremely hard and heavy, all the way to playing with elaborate role play scenarios, light fetishes and erotic Domination. Review My BDSM and fetish activities I offer, prior to establishing any correspondence with Me. If you have a unique session request, politely ask Me and I will see if it would be deemed appropriate. I am a Traditional Dominatrix and do not offer sex, so DO NOT ASK!

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